A Moving Mountains Workshop with Khairani Barokka and Healing Justice London

July 2022

Despatches from the place you’re aching to visit!

September 2021

This month, Ellie Page shares her Neuro-Pictomancy technique and how it bridges the gap between her migraines, the body's neural networks, and art as a…

August 2021

Inspired by Elizabeth Bishop's 'One Art', Jennifer Brough's tanka explores the discipline that learning to be still requires.

July 2021

As part of Paula Morison's ongoing art project, resting up collective responded to her letter that asked, 'What Is (the) Time?'

June 2021

Charlie Fitz's artwork and work-in-progress poem depicts the hospital waiting room's slow dance and the transformations we undergo from public to…

May 2021

Adjusting your body to a new surrounding can reveal our innermost needs — even if they are beyond naming, writes Olivia Spring.

April 2021

Jane Hartshorn explores the female body and the abject, blurring the boundaries between the human and animal.

March 2021

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